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The Dakis revolution... solutions very well adapted to our customers reality...

''You guys really rock. I have been struggling for years to come up with a web site. In less than a week you have done a great job.'''

''Work well done! A web presence is probably the most important advertising for todays retailer. Before you, it would have cost a fortune in labor to put together such a complete listing of products. There are a lot of people out there who talk a good line about putting together a web site. Many, however, do not deliver. You guys are real professionals. You guys are really good. I have been messing aroung for years and in less than a week, I have a full blown professional web site. Great job!''

''More and more I have come to the realization, that a web presence is essential to have validity in your customer's eyes. This is true even if you do not plan to solicit mail order type business. I have been strugling for years to build a site that could be maintained with minimal extra effort. I have had quotes of many thousands of dollars for just the basic web site. I have tried to sit down and learn to use some tool myself. After 50-60 hour work week, I would rather do other things.

So after looking at some other members'' sites who use Dakis, I decided to call them. To my surprise they do not just provide product lists and a shopping cart; They build the entire web site for you.

After only THREE business days of working with them (between customers), we have good pages exactly detailing our business and services. A broad assortment of products listed with a tremendous showing of Promaster products. Other than bringing some prices in MAP compliance and getting some local pictures taken to flash across the banners, it is finished and ready to go online linked to the domain name I already was using.

Forum post by : Tom Fitzpatick, The Camera Corner, Davenport Iowa


''It's not often I find a company I'm willing to recommend to other retailers that I know. Dakis is one company I feel comfortable in doing so. Since we first signed up with them they have fulfilled every promise they made and done so in a timely manner. Their system works with a minimum amount of effort on my part and that's just what I was looking for. In the past my website has always been a pain in the... but not any more. Thanks Dakis, you can put me on the list of satisfied customers.''
Steve Biggs, Biggs Camera, Charlotte, NC


''We are extremely satisfied with our end product. Our website traffic count is continually rising. The Dakis group is great to work with. They are ahead of technology, extremely productive, well organized and very efficient. What more could be said? Thank you!''
Philippe Charron, Centre Japonias Foto Source, 2 stores, Gatineau, QC


''I would like to thank Dakis for the great job they did on the Carsand-Mosher website. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the patience you showed us as we developed the content. We had two previous versions of our web site, but in spite of spending more money we had never attained the level of functionality, visual impact, and the ease of data base maintenance of the Dakis product. The improved home page layout has increased the number of new online photo processing customers, and the number of equipment shoppers has greatly increased due to the vastly superior camera technical information content of our site. We made the right decision in purchasing the Dakis product.''
Wade Yorke, Carsand-Mosher Photographic, Truro, NS


''Bonjour, je voulais vous laisser ce petit message pour vous dire tout simplement Bravo ! ... de tous les sites que j'ai visités pour un appareil photo numérique, vous êtes les seuls à avoir mis une forme de ''recherche'' ou l'on peut sélectionner ce que l'on veut sur notre appareil comme le zoom ou les mégapixels. Les sites qui offrent quelque chose de semblable n'ont que les mégapixels, mais c'est loin d'être aussi complet que vous. Content de voir que des gens de notre petite ville de Plessis y ont pensé. Je suis conscient que vous n'ètes peut-ètre pas les seuls à y avoir penser, mais ils sont rares. Encore une fois bravo !''

Customer of, Plessisville, QC


''Thanks you guys are GREAT!''

Bill Dobbins, Peoria Camera Shop, Peoria, Il


''Our customers love the software and we seem to be getting more orders and larger orders than we did with the old Silverwire system. We are planning numerous marketing efforts to promote it's use.''
John Albright, IPI board member, Fromex, Long Beach, CA


''I have nothing but good things to say about you and your team at Dakis. Thanks.''

Mike Godfrey, Chief Operating Officer, Don's Photo, 8 stores, AB, MB, SK


''I am amazed. I have never had a vendor that I have been so pleased with. For anyone not in the 21st century yet, I highly recommend hooking up with them as soon as possible.''

Tom Fitzpatrick, The Camera Corner, Davenport, Iowa


'' actually had a customer come the first morning we changed over and complemented and was impressed by our website. GREAT JOB!''
Joaquin Freixas, Swanlunds Camera, Eureka, CA


The way the V3 works, our customers love it, it is so much more intuitive than our HP which I believe is still way ahead of the rest

Phil Gresham - Foto Fast, Brisbane, Australia


So 3 times is a charm. Love the new kiosk!

Brendan Fitzpatrick - The Photo Center, Brick (NJ), USA 


PC just set V3 up for us and it is truly awesome. It is just what we need to get more phone orders. It is lightning fast. I like the easy user interface and large image size.

Chuck Klingensmith, The Photo Place, Youngstown (OH), USA


Just wanted to let you know that today is the first day we have had our first V3 kiosk fully functional, and it is getting rave reviews from our customers! They are thrilled with the speed, the large image size for viewing their photos, and the simplicity of the interface. So happy we made this decision! Good job!!

Paula F Stebbins, PhotoTek of Lake Charles, Inc, Lake Charles (LA)



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4740 Wellington, #200

Montréal (Qc), Canada

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