The Lab WebStore: Everything you need to thrive online

Friday, May 12, 2023

We’ve mentioned it more than once!  It’s never been more obvious that having a fully functional and transactional website is paramount for the present and the future.  Luckily dakis has the tools to help you thrive online, and you can start upping your online selling game right away.  We’ve evaluated the needs of the average photo retailer and built a version of the dakis WebStore that’s tailored to their needs at an affordable cost.

What’s the Lab WebStore?

Our WebStore library contains over 140,000 categorized products which are available to every retailer depending on the data package they’ve subscribed to; what we’ve done is create the Lab WebStore, which allows you to activate and sell a selection of products that will enable a lab to sell products online!  Here’s the list of product categories that are included in the Lab Webstore, you can click on the category for a sample of items.

Note that the selection of items found on our demo website is just a small sample of what's found inside of our full database

The Lab Webstore has all the same features as the dakis Standard WebStore, meaning that you can activate products from our library, price them, set online payment methods, set shipping rules and shipping modes, set taxes for various regions, create your own products and more!

If you already have the Online Photo Solution you’ll be able to benefit from the fact that the Lab WebStore and Online Photo Solution can coexist on the same website and share a shopping cart, meaning a more pleasant and streamlined buying experience for your customers.

Ideal for the photo and print retailers! 

Built with the independent print and photo retailer in mind, this new iteration of the WebStore will allow these businesses to sell their items online with ease.  This is very important as the retail landscape has taken a sudden turn and as mentioned before, your website has become the cornerstone of your business, having a new tool to help you sell online is a welcome addition to your selling strategy.

If you’re already a dakis customer you can easily bolt this new feature on to what you currently have, meaning that if you have a full High Performance Responsive Website or simply the Online Photo Solution we’ll be able to enable the new version of the WebStore for you quickly.  If you’re not a dakis customer but wish to benefit from the Lab WebStore give us a shout and we’ll show you how we can be of assistance, you can contact for more information about features and pricing.

Getting your inventory online is essential!

As mentioned, generating foot traffic into your brick and mortar store may prove difficult these days, but anyone with an internet connection can complete a purchase if you’ve set yourself up to do so.  With the click of a button your customers will be able to make a transaction that they otherwise could not have been able to complete had your products not been online. Simply put your selling potential will explode, in some cases going from “null” to having a “full and comprehensive product catalog available online”.

If you have our Online Photo Solution, you’re already benefiting from the fact that our engine creates crawlable content that can be found by search engines.  With the addition of the webstore you’ll have even more content and keywords out there, meaning that you're not only adding the ability to sell, but also multiplying the chances that you'll appear favorably in website queries. 

With all the products and product information/specifications available to you, adding all relative information for products to your website will become an easy task, there’s no need to hunt down images or to spend your time looking for a handful of specs and product descriptions, we’ve done all that work for you!  

We’re adding new products to our database all the time, it’s part of what we do everyday! If you feel that we’re missing a certain film camera, or type of film or anything from a category included with your Lab WebStore data you’re welcome to make a request for us to add the items to our database, after which it can be added to your inventory.  Note that for frames we only add items for a handful of brands.

Maybe you’ve also heard that we’ve started encouraging people to sell store service online as “Mail-In Store Services” (read more about that here), you can do that with the Lab WebStore!  We’ve added Store Services as products to our WebPIM so now you have an extra reason to get signed on to the service, we’re really pulling all the strings to help you survive despite our collective daily struggles.

Get creative and sell!

Yes you can take advantage of our database to activate products and make them available to sell, but there’s more to it than that!  Since you can create your own products in the WebPIM why not use your imagination and go beyond the product categories and products we’re offering?  With our tools you can create your own classes, gift cards and more!  You can also create things like branded mugs and t-shirts or create frames built by a local artisan, the only limitation is your imagination!  If you take the time you can really create a personalized and unique shopping experience that can reflect your business’ identity.

Alright, how do you get started!?

The benefits to the Lab WebStore should be easy to see, the most important feature of this WebStore is that you can start to affordably and easily get your products online quickly, unlocking online selling potential.

On a side note if you want to get started with the Lab WebStore but don’t have the time to manage it or are intimidated by the process of getting set up, we can always do the heavy lifting for you through our Concierge Service.  Setting up inventory is just one of the many features the Concierge Service can provide you.  When you’re finished getting set up you can shift your priorities to other tasks, like marketing your WebStore or improving your online visibility by making sure you rank better in organic web searches.

To get started make sure to contact or to give us a call at 514-931-8820 x221, from there you can get pricing information and ask all of your questions! Once you're signed up we’ll offer you training and get you set up with all the necessary tools to help you achieve your goal of selling your inventory online.