Prints on Kiosk

Get more prints! Want to easily get pictures out of iphones, smartphones and tablets? The dakis photo kiosk offers the best universal plug-and-play connector to get pictures off iphones, smartphones & tablets.

  • Sleek, modern interface with amazing photo browsing
  • Robust and smooth navigation your clients will love
  • Universally connect to smartphones & tablets
  • Pull images from multiple sources like media devices, CD/DVD, external hard disks & more
  • Pull images from Facebook & Instagram
  • burn to CD/DVD (with or without prints)
  • Connect to a scanner
  • multi-store routing & printing fulfillment capabilities

Photo kiosk - order prints from phone (Universal Connector)

Photo kiosk - order prints from phone (WIFI, No APP)

Photo Factory on Kiosks

Order personalized photo products such as greeting cards, calendars, collages, posters, wall decor, photobooks & much more! Your customers will love how easy it is to create beautiful custom photo products.

Learn more about the Photo Factory solution.

  • Cloud connected: easily find your device or media
  • Images from social media & online storage solutions
  • Easily showcase your promotions on the homepage
  • Save projects to work on later or easily reorder
  • Easily manage all your kiosks online from one account
  • Always up to date, no more costly upgrades
  • Seamless automatic software updates
  • Create any product you want – no coding required
  • Includes a large selection of professional templates

The technical details

Kiosk hardware:

  • Operate on the hardware of your choice
  • HD kiosk (High Definition 1080+)

Minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or better