Become an Elite Marketplace Seller and Double Your Sales with CPS's Warranty Bundle Solution

Warranty for Marketplace Sellers

As a Marketplace Seller, CPS has the perfect solution for you. Our bundle warranty offers merchants the ability to upgrade their listings to include an additional 1 or 2-year CPS warranty.


30+ Years of Service

Manufacturer Authorized 5-Star Service Network

50,000+ Authorized Service Centers in Our Network

60+ Product Categories Covered

Repair or Replace Guarantee!


And more!

Why Dealers Love CPS

Attract Customers and Boost Sales

Merchants who partner with CPS have seen a remarkable 60% increase in sales. Get a competitive edge in the search engine by offering an upgraded product listing.

Trust and Satisfaction

Our warranty solution has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers who have enjoyed our factory-authorized service.


You don't need to worry about long contracts! We charge only for warranties you actually sell.


Why Customers Love CPS

Full Coverage on Parts and Labor

What if your product stops working? We've got you covered! We provide extended warranty coverage that includes full parts and labor.

Worry-Free Claim

Our claims process is simple and hassle-free for your customer and for you. If a claim does arise, we'll cover the repair and get your customer back up and running as soon as possible so you can keep selling products and generating revenue.

Enviable Customer Satisfaction

We've designed a warranty to be second to none for you and for your customer. They'll get the coverage they need at a price they're happy with, and you'll know that when the customer checks out, they'll be able to enjoy their purchase for years to come without any worries of potential repairs down the road.